Swel Sea Wave Energy Ltd

the world's most efficient, low-cost wave energy converter


The WLM is primarily a plastic or marine equivalent construction and is readily available. The major advantage of the Wave Line Magnet (WLM) technology is its minimal to none inertia interaction with the wave resulting in unparalleled power outputs and minimal stress on the systems components.

The WLM device is a flexible, planar body designed to “stick” to the surface of the sea, creating a unique interaction with the wave. This unique interaction seamlessly harnesses the natural movement and forces produced by the wave allowing the WLM to be highly efficient at producing power. It comprises of an array of flexible assemblies linked by a spine power system that generates power as the WLM rises and falls when the wave passes through it. The predominant material used for the body of the device could be a marine grade plastic such as high density polyethylene (HDPE) or equivalent. SWEL’s technology uses materials and components that can be found and supplied without the need for new specialised production lines or a huge new infrastructure to accommodate it.

The power-take off system, electricity conversion, reverse osmosis and hydrogen production plants that can be used are standard marine grade equipment already available on a commercial basis from recognised engineering brands.

"Wave and tidal experts must
re-evaluate their thought process and understanding of the wave. Repeated waste of millions of dollars into alternative projects proves this and that decision makers need education."

Adam Zakheos - CTO SWEL