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Waveline Magnet 8.1

WaveLine Magnet 8.1 (model)

Following analysis of the WM7 test results, the team at SWEL constructed a smaller WM 8.1 device to explore more closely the dynamics of how a given wave interacts upon the device, at various stages along the length of the device. This device was tested in the sea in Larnaca Bay during Q4 2013 and provided valuable information to the testing team.

WaveLine Magnet 8.2 (model)

In order to enable the testing environment to be fully controlled, SWEL designed and built its own wave tank during Q4 2013/ Q1 2014 and a revised WM 8 device, the WM 8.2 has now been constructed and is now being tested in the new wave tank.

Data from the tests will be recorded and will inform the numerical modelling programme that will run concurrently with the wave tank tests. It is envisaged that the WM 8.2 in modified form will transfer to full sea trials during the summer of 2014.

WaveLine Magnet 9.1 (model)

Our latest Waveline Magnet WEC was deployed 1km off the coast of Larnaka Bay, Cyprus in a live sea environment on 16th June 2016 where it has been producing power continuously since, powering its on-board battery and lighting.

The WM9.1 is a groundbreaking innovation for wave energy, capable of producing 4kw in a small 50cm waveheight. It should be noted that power output is increased exponentially when scaling up.


SWEL has been working behind the scenes to refine its technology until perfection.

The result of over sixteen years of comprehensive and dedicated R&D has led to the ground breaking Wave Line Magnet (WLM).

There are endless efforts and capital spent to refine wave energy converters in general over the past two decades including energy storage, power take-off stresses, harsh environment system management, survivability, system lifetime and many more. 

SWEL research has been thorough and consistent and covers prime mover-surface connection strength, power take-off options, spinal stresses, material engineering, anchoring and many many more. 

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