Swel Sea Wave Energy Ltd

the world's most efficient, low-cost wave energy converter


SWEL offers RAW stable power; the application of which comes down to the request of our clients. 

Due to our WEC's modular design, it may be deployed in any wave environment and ranging from direct grid supply, private use and small scale allocation. Similarly it can transform electricity to hydrogen directly on-board the device and export the gas to shore, which is then stored in containers. This permits SWEL to provide a continual supply of energy even in the event of low-output or downtime.

Our technology serves 4 major applications:

Electricity Production

Hydrogen Production


Costal Erosion Prevention

Locations worldwide face critical danger due to coastal erosion; the coast is progressing inland threatening housing, crops and cities. The problem can be mitigated and perhaps solved outright with the WLM.

The WLM is capable of absorbing energy and reducing wave power over vast areas of ocean surface, thus reducing wave height, and roughness. When an array is correctly positioned, the system will protect large stretches of coast. The energy may then be reinvested into the surrounding areas to amplify its effectiveness.

Man has caused irreversible damage. Our fossil fuels are burned at an alarming rate, while Earth's population grows uncontrollably.
We must act now. The WLM is the solution.