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Sea wave energy limited (SWEL) is a R&D company based in Cyprus & the UK that has been focused on the design and development of its wave energy converter (WEC) – The “Wave Line Magnet”, a wave energy converter that has been evolved for more than 10 years achieving numerous patents. The company’s technology is a robust and durable WEC that can supply substantial power on demand at a low cost, with minimal maintenance and can be deployed in any wave environment.

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The world's most efficient, low-cost wave energy converter


A Raw mechanical power output down to 1p/kWh crushing the wave industry reference value, putting the technology in its full capability on par with fossil fuels.

SWEL claims that a single Waveline Magnet device, scaled to suit the wave climate at EMEC, would satisfy more than the hubs current grid-connection capabilities.

SWEL has developed and tested their devices in wave tanks and live sea environment. The R&D indicates that even in its current development state, the Waveline Magnet can produce substantial power levels at an exceptionally low cost, competing even with non-renewable sources.

The attributable market share to Wave Energy, with current feed-in tariffs, create an annual market valued in excess of £10.7 Billion for the United Kingdom alone.

Key Features

The Waveline Magnet’s has an inherently low cost of manufacture due to the low mass of materials used, such as plastics and reinforced plastics. SWEL’s technology uses materials and components that can be found and supplied without the need for new specialised production lines or a huge new infrastructure to accommodate it. This keeps the cost of production very low and due to its modular lightweight design the cost of deployment and retrieval are also drastically reduced.

The Waveline Magnet occupies only a few centimetres of the covered surface area (above and below the surface) requiring a low mass of materials per square metre of the device.

The simplistic modular design of the Waveline Magnet has the added advantage of being easily repaired, maintained, produced and transported. This allows the possibility of mass production of the device with turnaround times for both the manufacture & deployment of the WM to impressively short periods, i.e weeks rather than months.

The robustness of the device is inherent due to its unique interaction with the moving forces of the sea. Rather than coming into conflict with the wave the device moves with the wave eliminating survivability problems but also keeping maintenance & repair costs to a minimum.

The wave energy converter is designed to embrace the surface of the sea, or the ‘wave line’ as it is often referred to by SWEL. This allows the WEC to become one moving mass with the wave itself creating a unique interaction that allows SWEL to regulate how much energy is extracted from the wave in a controlled and non-disruptive manner. The seamless and frictionless interaction is a matchless characteristic of the technology that allows it to work in harmony and in synchronization with the deployed sea area producing high levels of power irrespective of the wave profile or weather conditions.

The Waveline Magnet is a device that will not contribute to the growing problem of material waste as the bulk of the device can be produced from recycled materials.

About us

When harnessed effectively, oceans prove to be one of the largest reserves of clean and sustainable energy on Earth. Wave power has been identified as the most attractive marine renewable sector due to the potential size of its market and with no clear device or technology leader having emerged until now!

SWEL is not only set to change the wave energy arena, but will become a major contributor to solving current climate change issues.

SWEL R&D has led to the perfect WEC, boasting a levelised cost of energy below the 2020 target today and significantly achieves where all other technologies fail.

SWEL can demonstrate how their breakthrough technology challenges the conventional understanding of how the power of a wave may be harnessed and converted to produce astonishing results.


SWEL is always looking to improve and collaborate with other experts in a bid to brings its Waveline Magnet WEC to commercialisation sooner. With a clear development schedule and route to commercialisation, there has never been a better time to work with us:


Wave & tidal experts get in touch to learn what the WLM does differently.


Materials Engineers your expertise can help increase power output, minimise environmental impact and reduce cost further.


In order to refine our WEC and understand this important breakthrough, we require access to facilities

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