Swel Sea Wave Energy Ltd

the world's most efficient, low-cost wave energy converter

Sea wave energy limited (SWEL) is a UK registered company and team focused on designing and developing renewable energy technologies that are capable of harnessing the power of the waves. The company was established by a vision to create a robust wave energy converter (WEC) that can supply substantial power on demand at a low cost, with minimal maintenance and in any ocean wave environment..


• Our levelised cost of energy is less than 10p/KWh today 

• Capital Cost p/KWh is less than 4p (over 25 years) 

• Capital Repayment Period from commercialisation: 4 years

SWEL has developed and tested their devices in its industrially relevant wave tank and live test environment in the Mediterranean Sea. Our R&D indicates that even in its current development state, the Waveline Magnet can produce substantial power levels at exceptionally low costs. Our impressive estimations will be significantly improved by the time commercialisation is reached, competing even with non-renewable sources.

The attributable market share to Wave Energy, with current feed-in tariffs, create an annual market valued in excess of £10.7 Billion for the United Kingdom alone.

Ultra Low Cost

The Waveline Magnet's greatest achievement is its inherently low cost of manufacture. Made up of accessible, cheap and ready-made or recycled materials it simply cannot be beat from a cost:power-output ratio.

Low mass equals lower inertia forces working against the hull of the device and serves to reduce maintenance and ultimately wear and tear. Logistics are also inherently easier and cheaper for the Waveline Magnet.

Due to the utter simplicity of the Waveline Magnet and limited technical components, it enjoys long operational periods with very low maintenance. 

SWELs patented technology works in harmony with the wave eliminating 99.99% of detrimental forces. This fact remains true even when scaling up the WEC to any size. In fact, the larger the device the better resulting in even less wear and tear. The Waveline Magnet is set to establish a new par for operational life in the energy sector.

Contrary to popular belief in the wave and tidal industry, SWEL's groundbreaking results prove that high power output from even small waves is completely achievable.

No need to concern ourselves where the materials for such a potentially widespread device will come from... the majority of materials used to construct the Waveline Magnet recycled. With more R&D SWEL is confident that only recycled materials may be used.


Wave power has been identified as the most attractive marine renewable sector due to the potential size of its market and with no clear device or technology leader having emerged until now. Due to public and political desires to combat global warming, power utility companies are spending billions in their pursuit of renewable power production with no substantial success. The Marine renewables market sector is likely to rapidly expand over the next two decades. When harnessed effectively, oceans prove to be one of the largest reserves of clean and sustainable energy on Earth.

A report published by The Carbon trust in 2012 stated that existing wave technology sites licenced by the Crown Estate around Pentland Firth and Orkney, were estimated to be generating electricity at around 40p/KWh by 2015. It continues: "In the event that all goes well by the year 2020 this cost may dramatically drop to around 20p/KWh”.

SWEL R&D has led to the perfect WEC, boasting a levelised cost of energy below the 2020 target today and significantly achieves where all other technologies fail.

SWEL can demonstrate how their breakthrough technology challenges the conventional understanding of how the power of a wave may be harnessed and converted to produce astonishing results.





SWEL is always looking to improve and collaborate with other experts in a bid to brings its Waveline Magnet WEC to commercialisation sooner. With a clear development schedule and route to commercialisation, there has never been a better time to work with us:



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